I just wanted to point out that I was writing some German articles about band marketing on Facebook for Germany’s biggest Blog on Facebook marketing called Allfacebook.de. Today the first article of my article series came online and I am very excited to see how everyone liked it! So if you speak German feel free to read the article at:

In this article I talk about

  • some differences between Facebook and Myspace.
  • the filter functions of Facebook
  • risks of using Facebook as the only marketing tool.
  • how to handle and share your music online
  • the importance of your homepage and newsletter
  • and (of course) much more (-:

many Ideas have been already discussed in my blog. This article is just the first part of a series and there is more to come. Right now I am part of a project where I am collecting some interesting insights from youtube and more mature bands. So there will be more tips in my online music marketing section coming up soon!

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2 Comments on Band marketing on Facebook

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  2. Thanx for your german articel about band marketing on facebook!

    There are some really good ideas for photo-websites, too…



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