Update: find a summary of last meeting and the current reading list for next week’s meeting here.

Teaching classes is over for this term so for the next couple of weeks I want to spend a lot of time working on some research topics that are on my mind. My goal is to finnaly write down my PhD proposal and have a well organized written structure for the rest of my PhD time.

The main topic for 2012 in the scientific part of my life can be summerized by these bullets points:

  • Graph data bases
  • distributed systems
  • distributed computing
  • distribution of graph data bases
  • dynamic hash tables
  • peer to peer networks
  • graph data base query languages (since this seems to have a deep impact on the technologies that suport everything)
  • real time graph processing

So the reading club will read and most importantly understand and discuss papers that belong to those categories.

I will start with the following selection of papers:

Time and Place

The reading club will take place in D116  the “Kreuzverweisraum” and will take place every wednesday 2 pm CET . 

For next week I expect from anyone who wants to join that the Map Reduce paper will be read by Wednesday.

I will keep anyone up to date with the results from the reading club and the anouncements for next weeks readings.

How to join on the web!

I shared a google plus circle with all people who are interested:
You can contact me to be included to the circle. The circle will be invited to a hangout every wednesday about 2 pm CET (central european time)
If anyone knows a better technology for the telco feel free to tell me.

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