Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: As I said yesterday I have been busy over the last months producing content so here you go. For related work we are most likely to use neo4j as core data base. This makes sense since we are basically building some kind of a social network. Most queries that [...]

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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: UPDATE: there is now the source code of an entire graphity server application online! 8 months ago I posted the results of my research about fast retrieval of social news feeds and in particular my graph index graphity. The index is able to serve more than 12 thousand personalized [...]

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René Pickhardt on November 27th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: In the end of September I discovered an amazing data set which is provided by Google! It is called the Google n gram data set. Even thogh the english wikipedia article about ngrams needs some clen up it explains nicely what an ngram is. The data set is [...]

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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: UPDATE: the paper got accepted at SOCIALCOM2012 and the source code and data sets are online especially the source code of the graphity server software is now online! UPDATE II: Download the paper (11 Pages from Social Com 2012 with Co Authors: Thomas Gottron, Jonas Kunze, Ansgar Scherp and Steffen Staab) [...]

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René Pickhardt on November 13th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Today I have figured out that you can download a lot of statistics about your on videos from Youtube. That is actually very nice since I was always sceptical that you miss the knowledge of who is watching your videos once you do not host them yourself. Unfortunately there are [...]

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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Binary Search is a very basic algorithm in computer science. Despite this fact it is also important to understand the fundamental principle behind it. Unfortunately the algorithm is tought so early and the algorithm is so simple that beginning students sometimes have a hard time to understand the [...]

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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: UPDATE: now with link to the PhD thesis. By the time of blogging the thesis was not published. thanks to Patrick Durusau for pointing out the missing link. One of the first things I did @ my Institute when starting my PhD program was reading the PhD thesis of [...]

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René Pickhardt on June 9th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Today I want to talk about one of my favourite Internet start ups. It is called Metaweb. Metaweb was founded in 2005. To my knowledge it had two rounds of investment (all together about 60 Million US Dollar) and it was bought by Google in June 2010. So why [...]

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René Pickhardt on June 9th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Besides ecommerce one really big Internet business model obviously is the trade or monetarization of data. This Blogpost reminded to write an article about this topic. I think the author points out the most important facts! Services like Facebook / gmail / Youtube and so on are not free. Moneywise [...]

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René Pickhardt on June 7th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: While writing my article on link baiting for musicians I realized that this topic is overdue. besides the fact that Facebook is highly overrated this is probably the most valueable piece of advice I wrote in my blog so far. Quick answer: “where to upload your music”: You upload [...]

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