René Pickhardt on February 16th, 2012

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Not really news since it has happened like 20 days ago but here is a nice youtube summary of President Obamas public Hangout with the American folk. Kind of amazing that he actually did this. I am really looking forward to the time where these kind of events are [...]

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René Pickhardt on January 25th, 2012

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Ok no secret here that I am a Google Fan. But listening to the Google Report of 2011 I am just amazed and speechless. Everything is growing: $10 bn revenue / quartal ==> more than $100 mio. / day!!! 90 Mio Google+ users over 60% of plus users engage [...]

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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Filip Stilin is the frontman of House on Mars a promesing young croation band (check out their music on bandcamp). He loves music and online marketing so he read my blog and sent me and email with a couple of interesting observations and questions. I got his permission to [...]

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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: UPDATE: (Feb. 8th. 2012) the originial love language video is now linked under the official look for love Video from DJ Sammy! Glad to see that and glad to see that protest on the web seems to be heared. Now I can finally completely enjoy DJ sammy’s work without [...]

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René Pickhardt on November 13th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Today I have figured out that you can download a lot of statistics about your on videos from Youtube. That is actually very nice since I was always sceptical that you miss the knowledge of who is watching your videos once you do not host them yourself. Unfortunately there are [...]

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René Pickhardt on November 10th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: After building the In legend Youtube DVD I was able to convince my band mates that it is quite useful to use Youtube ads in order to reach new fans and promote our new videos. I have to say that I am not very experienced about youtube ad marketing [...]

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René Pickhardt on October 28th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Recently I was rather quiet in my blog. Currently I am writing my first research paper for SIGMOD which takes 90% of my resources. In my very limited time I had the chance to work on a very cool web project about which I want to share some insights [...]

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René Pickhardt on September 23rd, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Obviously education is one of the topics that is important to me. recently I wrote about a teach first project. 6 month ago I was participating in a workshop organized by the Universities of Koblenz. This workshop was for future entrepreneurs teaching them some basics about design thinking and [...]

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René Pickhardt on August 22nd, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: In Germany a lot of music videos on youtube are not available because youtube and GEMA could never agree on the amount of licence fees that youtube should pay to legally stream those videos. So if I want to listen / watch to a Lady Gaga Video in Germany [...]

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René Pickhardt on May 18th, 2011

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Of course your band’s website is not youtube! So you might ask what youtube has to do with my series about the perfect band website. If you are a musician and you want to survive on the Internet you have to have a music video running on youtube. As [...]

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