Today i want to introduce you to a project that is very important to me! It is called Teach First Germany and follows the model of the uk based idea of teach first (see wikipedia). I don’t know if one could really call it social entrepreneurship but I would do so!

Teach First was first introduced to me by Simon Turschner during a summer school in Guidel in 2008. For the last 2 years he has been working as a fellow teacher with teach first and has just helped to create this video:

I think the video speaks for itself!

Last year I applied for Teach First Germany. I am very happy about their effort and think it is a project that needs support! When I got accepted to my PhD program I decided to drop out of the application process which was everything but easy to decide. Even though I put the PhD over teach first at that time, this programm is still very important to me and I can perfectly see myself applying again after finnishing my PhD. I would also like to encourage you to consider applying at teach first!

Last but not least I want to thank all the fellows especially Simon at teach first for making this effort and commitment. You guys are great! We need more people like you!

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  1. [...] education is one of the topics that is important to me. recently I wrote about a teach first project. 6 month ago I was participating in a workshop organized by the Universities of Koblenz. This [...]

  2. [...] I know Simon from a summer academie in Guidel 2008 after he received his master in Biology fighting cancer he decided to join Tech First a model very similar to Tech for America. This is a program where so called high potentials are supposed to teach children with bad social background for two years and help them to find an apprenticeship. I loved his decision and applied for the same position two years later. While in the application process I got my PhD position so I did not pursue the application. Anyway I already wrote about Simon’s older projects in my article: Why education should be a human right. [...]

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