I was just reading through the recent notes of Heinrich which I can recommend to read as well as his old notes. When I stumbled upon the note called Monitor /etc/ using git I was confused. Why would one do this?

So I talked to Heinrich and he said:

“Well you want to monitor changes of your system config. You want to be able to revert them and you don’t want to care about this when you do something.”

I really liked this and thinks its so useful and a smart idea that I wanted to share it with you. Just keep in mind that you don’t push the git repository to some public space since the config files might include a lot of passwords. Also look out for his .gitignore in his case the printer does a lot of automatic changes and is thus ignored. You might have similar settings for your configs.

I hope sharing this was useful for you!

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2 Comments on Version control of your Linux config with git

  1. Martin says:

    The Link to “https://github.com/HeinrichHartmann/doc/blob/master/EtcGit.mdt” is dead. It should be “https://github.com/HeinrichHartmann/doc/blob/master/EtcGit.md”.

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