I would like to say thank you to the amazing wordpress community – by the way a great example of collective intelligence – for developing and maintaining useful wordpress plugins and WP-themes.

I divided the plugins I am using into two categories, SEO-plugins and is online marketing plugins.

The following articles give you a decent overview on WordPress SEO

First of all you don’t want to miss Joost de Valk’s article on WordPress SEO. Jim Westgren a Swedish SEO also wrote an article on that topic. He also has two great articles about Link Building and Link Baiting which I will discussed here. You also don’t want to miss Vladimir Prelovacs guide on WP-optimization. He is also the author of the SEO-Theme amazing grace which I use.

WordPress SEO-pugins

SEO Plugins focus on onpage SEO which includes structure, navigation, formatting, page loading speed and the like.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress integrates Google Analytics, a tool which is probably used by the majority of webmasters to analyse their sites’ traffic and SEO. This Plugin is also written by Yoast. More information on how to use it can be found on his page about Google Analytics for WordPress

Google XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps are usefull to tell Google in an efficient way which pages exist on ones site and for transmitting metadata. For example crawl priority and frequency. Arne Brachhold first wrote this very well known and useful plugin. Find out more on the official plugin page.


HeadSpace2 is probably the single most useful SEO WordPress Plugin and is written by John Godley. It requires some experience in search engine optimization thogh but offers varios possabilities to boost your blog. There are severel resources on the web how to use this plugin. Don’t give your Google rankings away and download headspace now.

Robots Meta

Another rather advanced Plugin to increase your wordpress search engine optimization also written by Joost de Valk. Robots Meta allows you to configure the meta settings of each page. Especially it allows you to nofollow noindex pages and thereby helps to fight duplicate content on your wordpress blog. http://yoast.com/wordpress/robots-meta/

SEO Smart Links

Another very useful plugin by Vladimir Prelovacs. It will replaces words within blog posts and pages with links to categories, tags, articles and pages if the respective title matches those words.  SEO Smart Links is also available as a premium version.

SEO Pager

This Plugin removes the previous and next links on category and tag pages with  a series of links to all the pages within these archives. Links to the pages can even contain excerpts of the article in the link titles  to increase not only SEO but also usability. This plugin is nice and easy to install. Find out more on seoegghead.com

WP Super Cache

Loading time should be an important factor for your Google rankings. Since WordPress is rather slow there are several caching plugins. One of them is WP Super Cach written by Donncha O Caoimh. This plugin offers various ways for caching your page in the current version it even allow integration of advanced Caching methods such as memcached. More Information & Download

Yoast Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are not only a great way for search engine optimization but also a great way to increase the usability and user experience of your webblog. Again Yoast wrote this Plugin to display Breadcrumb navigation in your WordPressblog. You can download Yoast Bredcrumbs on his page.

YARPP – Yet another related post plugin

this is a perfect plugin by Mitcho a Lingustics PhD student and Coder at MIT. I love this tool! It displays related posts based on tags, categories, titles and the content under each post. It is easy to install and configure and just works out of the box! Find the related posts wordpress plugin on the official wordpress site. btw. the use for SEO is obviouse. Increasing link structure decreasing bounce rate!

WordPress Online Marketing Plugins

The Online Marketing Plugins also have influence on SEO but here the focus is more subtle. The purpose of these plugins is to increase the conversion rate and help users to subscribe to your blog. This will on long term increase your reputation and thereby also the amount of your backlinks.

Comment Redirect

This Plugin by yoast redirects the blog’s reader after commenting to a special page on which one can thank you offer rss feed, email subscription or following on twitter. You can find the Comment Redirect Plugin here

Subscribe To Comments

Mark Jaquith created this Plugin that enables users to subscribe to comments. This is usfull because they might be interested in followups after asking a question. You can find the Plugin on his site.

Qoate Scroll Triggered Box

A scroll triggered box that appears once someone finnishes reading an entire blog article. In this way elements to increase conversionrate don’t anoye people but only appeare once they are really interested in ones work. you can download the newsest version of this wordpress plugin at Danny van Kootens Page

Subscribe 2

Even though a lot of people cannot even imagine a world without Web2.0 you will be suprised how many people still enjoy to have a news letter rather than adding a feed to their reader or following someone on twitter. Matthew Robinson maintains this great and very user friendly wordpress newsletter plugin. I remember that I tried several newsletter plugins on my first plugin and up to now did’t find any one that is as good and easy to use as subscribe 2.

Other Plugins for user experience


I am currently testing dev formatter to display code in a nice way!

This Blog runns with WordPress 3.04


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