Google Video on Search Quality Meeting: Spelling for Long Queries by Lars Hellsten

Amazing! Today I had a discussion with a coworker about transparency and the way companies should be more open about what they are doing! And what happens on the same day? One of my favourite webcompanies has decided to publish a short video taken from the weekly search quality meeting!
The proposed change by Lars Hellsten is that instead of only checking the first 10 words for possible spelling corrections one could predict which two words are most likely spelled wrong and add an additional window of +-5 words around them. They discuss how this change has much better scores than the old one.
The entire video is interesting because they say that semantic context is usually given by using 3 grams. My students used up to 5 grams in order to make their scentence prediction and the machine learning already told them that 4grams would be sufficient to make syntactically and semantically correct predictions.
Anyway enjoy this great video by Google and thanks to Google for sharing this:

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