Bachlor thesis I advised

  • Jonas Braun – Servide implementations of the Pjaxr famework for smart Ajax applications
  • Sebastian Schlicht – Distributed Graphity algorithms
  • Martin Körner – Thesis on Generalized Language n Grams
  • Carina Saal – Thesis on personalized search / Autocompletion in Graphs

Student assistants of me

  • Lukas Schmelzeisen – one of the lead developer of the metalcon team (together with Christian Schowalter, Tobias Rezmann, Patrik Schmidt, Sebastian Schlicht)
  • Martin Körner (helped me a lot on the Evaluation of Typology)
  • Sebastian Schlicht (Creates the Graphity server)

Remarkable DSA students I met (some have been advised by me later on)

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