Share your Music! but do it the right way!

In this article I explain how a music band in my opinion should react to all those illegal downloads on the Internet. First of all it is important to understand that no one will be able to change the people and make them stop downloading music on the Web and start buying records again. After Napster went down people found new ways of sharing music. So the question is not: “How to fight illegal downloads?” but rather “How to make the best out of them?”

How to download Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an amazing data set to do all different kinds of research which will go far beyond text mining. The best thing about Wikipedia is that it is licensed under creative common license. So you are allowed to download Wikipedia and use it in any way you want. The articles have almost no spelling …

IBM's Watson & Google – What is the the difference?

Recently there was a lot of news on the Web about IBM’s natural language processing system Watson. As you might have heard right now Watson is challenging two of the best Jeopardy players in the US. A lot of news magazines compare Watson with Google which is the reason for this article. Even though the algorithms behind Watson and Google are not open source still a lot of estimates and guesses can be made about the algorithms both computer systems use in order to give intelligent answers to the questions people ask them. Based on this guesses I will explain the differences between Google and Watson.

Why blogging about collective intelligence

Collective intelligence is something that particularly on the Internet is very present. Great examples are Wikipedia, Google and most open source projects. Collective intelligence and artificial intellegence is not the same. Future articles about collective intelligence will address, discuss and explain the difference and show how to combine these concepts for maximum benefit.

About Internet Start ups

The web already brought up some really cool internet products but I believe we have only seen a tiny part of what is possible. Within this category I want to introduce the most interesting internet startups I know of and share my ideas about them and their business models with you.

Why online music marketing and what is it?

It was not the internet that brought problems to music industry but rather the way the industry reacted to the rapid changes. I believe the internet (including the ways useres found to share mp3’s) is one of the biggest gifts musicians could get because the possibilities to increase direct marketing and customer relation management are almost infinite.