Neo4j based Typology also awarded top 90 at Google Science fair.

Yesterday I shared the good news about Till and Paul who have been awarded one of the top 5 projects at the German federal competition Young scientists. Today the good news continues. Together with more than 1000 competitors they did also submit the project to the Google Science Fair.
And guess what! Google likes graph data bases, information retrieval, auto completion, and scentence prediction. Till and Paul have been (together with 5 other germans) selected to be in the second round together with 90 remaining projects. Even Heise reported about this! Within the next month they will have phone calls with Google employees and with a little bit of luck they will be selected to be in the top 15 which would mean they would be invited to the Googleplex at Mountain View California.
Remember Typology is open source and already available as an android app (only in German language but this will be fixed soon).
Btw I am just wondering when I will be traveling to Google in Mountain View?

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