My Blog guesses your name – Binary Search Exercise for Algorithms and data structures class

Binary Search is a very basic algorithm in computer science. Despite this fact it is also important to understand the fundamental principle behind it. Unfortunately the algorithm is tought so early and the algorithm is so simple that beginning students sometimes have a hard time to understand the abstract principle behind it. Also many …

Google, Facebook & co. are not free!

Besides ecommerce one really big Internet business model obviously is the trade or monetarization of data. This Blogpost reminded to write an article about this topic. I think the author points out the most important facts! Services like Facebook / gmail / Youtube and so on are not free. Moneywise they are free of charge but …

IBM's Watson & Google – What is the the difference?

Recently there was a lot of news on the Web about IBM’s natural language processing system Watson. As you might have heard right now Watson is challenging two of the best Jeopardy players in the US. A lot of news magazines compare Watson with Google which is the reason for this article. Even though the algorithms behind Watson and Google are not open source still a lot of estimates and guesses can be made about the algorithms both computer systems use in order to give intelligent answers to the questions people ask them. Based on this guesses I will explain the differences between Google and Watson.

Why blogging about collective intelligence

Collective intelligence is something that particularly on the Internet is very present. Great examples are Wikipedia, Google and most open source projects. Collective intelligence and artificial intellegence is not the same. Future articles about collective intelligence will address, discuss and explain the difference and show how to combine these concepts for maximum benefit.