How to host your oer MOOC on wikiversity

Last year we have created a MOOC on Web Science. We had chosen Wikiversity as a platform for hosting the MOOC. The reason for this was the high trust we had in the Wikimedia foundation strengthening the open movement. The main problem we experienced with Wikiversity was that the software running Wikiversity is obviously a Mediawiki which is great for collaboratively building an encyclopedia. It is not so well suited to provide a learning environment in which students can focus on an interactive learning experience. Also it is hard for teachers to learn how to use the Mediawiki software.
So I decided to spend some time together with Sebastian Schlicht (my student assistant, who did an excellent job) to build a little bit more of infrastructure on top of the mediawiki on wikiversity to provide a better interface for learning. Watch the demo here:

As you can see we created a platform that supports:

  • A click and point experience for teachers to create classes
  • On page discussion for students which supports the standard discussion system in Mediawiki
  • a nice modern navigation which adapts to users while interacting with the page

For me with this system our videos, quizes and scripts content shines in a much brighter light than it did before. For the first time I have fun consuming our the content of the MOOC.
For me this was an important step towards my goal of freeing educational content. Not only that our MOOC is completely OER we now also create core infrastructure for any teacher to create more classes that are OER. If you consider doing such a class feel free to drop be a message and receive free support. You could also start reading the documentation of the MOOC-Interface or see the slides(: 
I am looking forward to hear back from you.

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