What happened to Vensenya's "Changing mindset" project?

Two and a half years ago I posted about Simons project which at that time was just starting and to me still very fuzzy. Still I donated 150 Euro and asked others to do the same. It was the trust I had in him that it would be working out great even though it was still not clear how.
Today I have received an email, that the project has become much more focused and will be finally going public in September 2015. The will produce a tv series that will be published on youtube. Have a look at their trailer in German language.

Together with youngsters they produce a series about the live and problems and challenges of youngsters. They try to focus on a growing mind set approach that comes from “I can never do this” and focuses on “I will be able to do this.” The best thing is the authenticity of the project. It is done with non professional actors, cameramen, cutters. Also the equipment is borrowed. It seems that the project will get a really high quality but is kind of low budget – right in the sense of: “Of course we can do this if we really want to and we don’t need much money.”
In that spirit they have a second crowd founding campaign (which I guess is much more about publicity than really attracting money) which I warmly recommend to support:
I will certainly keep you up to date as soon as the result will be published! But first I will send an email to Simon and ask him if it will be possible to use an open license for the material. I guess they want to earn money by licensing but still for a social and crowd founded project I think an open license would be appropriate.

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