Propaganda, filtering and blocking by Facebook?

The discussions about the ethics of facebook are old and everyone knows my oppinion on their ethics. But now I discovered a youtube video shared by a Google Product Manager on Google plus that Facebook will filter out your invitations to Googleplus from your friends facebook news stream.
It is not new that facebook is filtering news in your friends news stream but now they seem to filter information and content they don’t like and they don’t want to reach you!
In my oppinion this is very close to propaganda and our freedom! Of course there is a competition on social networking and facebook is affraid of google. But this kind of bloking and filtering of content is in my oppinion unacceptable!
have a look at the video for yourself!

This is not about competition anymore this is about ethics! Ask yourself: “Do you really want to use a social network and give so much power to a company that blocks your friends from telling you something?”

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