MOOCs at Wikiversity: A Barcamp proposal for #OERde13

I would like to have an discussion with people that have experience or are interested in MOOCs and Wikiversity. The goal is to checkout the possibilities for creating (otherwise over commercialized) MOOCs in an OER environment (especially wikiversity).


According to my former blog post there are  3 ways for creating a MOOC that is truely OER:

Out of these I would love to discuss what possibilities exist in the context of Wikiversity and how such a MOOC could benefit from the ecosystem of other Wikimedia projects (e.g. books, commons, wikipedia and of course wikiversity itself)
I would also love to create a list of requirements for wikiversity software with functionalities needed (e.g. access to multiple choice results of students) to create an OER MOOC. This list could be present to the wikimedia foundation in order to extend the wikiversity software.

My experiences:




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