Web Science MOOC – first lessons about Ethernet and Internet Protocol online

2 months ago I started to create the Web Science MOOC and now you can join our MOOC as a student. We will start online streamed  flipped classroom lessons on October 29th. Our MOOC is truely open meaning that all the teaching material will be provided as open educational resources with a creative commons 3.0 attribution share alike licence. 
 In the first month we will learn about the following topics

  • Ethernet
  • Internet Protocol
  • Transfer Controll Protocol
  • Domain Name System
  • URIs
  • HTTP
  • HTML
  • RDF
  • Javascript / CSS

The Ethernet lessons can be found at:
The Internet protocol lessons can be found at:
Since wikiversity in comparison to other MOOC platforms is truely open you might also want to watch some of my introductory videos. They are in particular helpful to show how to make the best use of wikiversity as MOOC platform and how one can really engage into the discussion.  You can find the videos at: 
but maybe your are already interested in watching some of the content right here right away: 

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