How to create animations between two vector graphics?

I am just about to prepare a talk about my current research on social news streams for social networks. As I have learned giving good examples is essential! That is why I already spent a whole day learning some basic inkscape to create some vector graphics which are supposed to visualize some of my research ideas. So far so good. But now I need your help!
The following two pictures basically show the same graph. The only difference is that I am rearanging all the nodes to better group things together that logically belong together. I think that on a presentation where I’ll show one graphic per slide it will be hard to see that one graph comes from the other by rearanging the nodes.
That is why I am looking for a tool that can create a small video animation transforming the first picture into the second one. Does anyone know of a tool? Right know my only guess would be flash which I am afraid to use because I think it needs a lot of time to learn it and I am really not a kind of graphic / video person. I am happy about your comments!

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